5 Benefits of Residencial Landscape Lighting

5 Benefits of Landscape Lighting - Residential

5 Benefits of Residencial Landscape Lighting will be enough for you get your system up and running as soon as possible, you’ll see why. Landscape lighting is as it sounds, yet more. It illuminates front yards, backyards, gardens, and topography of a property, but also the balconies and decks along with the rest of an exterior’s brick and mortar. A lot goes into the process which includes design, planning, product selection, installation and routine maintenance but for a homeowner the investment pays dividends. Today we’re going to take a look at those benefits and why you should consider installing or upgrading your landscape lighting.

5 Benefits of Residencial Landscape Lighting 

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

1. Delivers a Dramatic Aesthetic Facelift

The most obvious benefit is realized from the moment the sun goes down. When installed by professionals with 5 benefits the low voltage LED lighting system will strategically highlight the best features of your landscape and home exterior. “Curb appeal” is enhanced from all angles, whether someone is pulling up to the front gate, perusing the backyard, or flying a drone from the heavens above. All perspectives and viewpoints are considered to deliver a feast for the human eye.

2. Increases Property Security

With thoughtfully planned and placed lighting comes greater property security. One of the biggest deterrents to criminal/vandal trespass is landscape lighting. Those with malicious intent will note that all points of entry are lit so that any attempt to going unnoticed with be a fruitless endeavour. Security systems stop criminals at the point of entry, while landscape lighting stops them before they get there.

3. Improves Occupant/Guest Safety and Mobility

Landscape lighting offers homeowners and guests safety in another way, beyond being a deterrent to nefarious trespass. With efficiently lit balconies, decks, patios, pathways, driveways, entryways, and other outdoor spaces you will greatly improve “user” mobility and mitigate the risk of accidental slips, falls, bumps, and bruises that can be experienced when approaching or walking about a property. This not only keeps everyone safer in the evening and at night, it helps reduce personal liability which will help prevent claims against your homeowners’ insurance policy. The latter is especially important in Greater Vancouver where harsh weather and reduced visibility can create a dangerous outdoor environment around your home. 

4. Creates a True Outdoor Living Space

When considering all of the above you will find that you’ve greatly expanded the usability of your entire property, far beyond the square footage of the house itself. Landscape lighting helps create an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed through all four seasons in the Lower Mainland of BC. Most people are confined to their patios and decks at night, but when you illuminate the entire landscape that surrounds your house, the possibilities of evening/nighttime enjoyment grow into the front yard, backyard, and all other outdoor spaces. Pretty soon you’ll be the talk of the town, hosting outdoor shindigs that may go into the wee small hours, should you desire.

5. Increases Property Value

Another big way premium landscape lighting benefits you financially and boosts your ROI is through a literal increase in property value. For one, the actual cost of the installation can be calculated into the market value of your home. Then, we you factor in ramped up curb appeal, safety, security, expanded usage and functional improvements you will attract a greater number of buyers should you desire to sell your home at some point in the future. The increased demand can increase market value even further, and you will have a far better shot at having interested parties bite at the full asking price. That’s just good economics.

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