5 Benefits of Exterior Landscape Lighting for Commercial Properties

5 Benefits of Exterior & Landscape Lighting (Commercial)

5 Benefits of Exterior Landscape Lighting for Commercial Properties that will affect your bottom line. Most property owners and managers know about the benefits of landscape lighting for residential purposes. However, the commercial sector can also leverage a premium system to enhance exteriors and even boost their revenues. Let’s review. 

1. Puts Your Brand in a Positive Light

Would you buy ad space on a billboard on the BC-99 without lighting fixtures? How about on an unlit digital transit shelter in downtown Vancouver? Certainly not, because customers won’t see your message from the moment the sun goes down.

Well, when you don’t add landscape lighting to your commercial exterior you rob yourself of the opportunity to catch the attention of the passing by public – potential customers.

Even if your commercial enterprise is not a “point of purchase” brick and mortar you can still showcase your space in the evening/night. Doing so ensures that your brand stays on a consumer’s literal and figurative periphery through all hours of the day.

2. Enhances Property Security

Exterior lighting is one of the most effective security measures your business can invest in. Traditional commercial security systems attempt to subvert potential intruders at the point of entry (doors, windows, etc.) whereas strategically placed outdoor lighting will keep them from walking up to the point of entry in the first place.

Not only is this investment critical to keeping products, equipment, machinery, and sensitive documentation out of the hands of criminals, it provides for better on-grounds security for customers, clients, and staff who frequent the property in the evening or at night.

3. Improves Customer/Staff Safety and Mobility

Landscape lighting offers customers/clients and staff safety in another way. Carefully designed lighting installations on the pathways, driveways, entryways, and other outdoor areas leading to/from your commercial space will greatly improve mobility. More importantly, improved lighting will significantly mitigate the risk of accidental slips, falls, and other injuries that may be sustained when approaching or walking about the property.

This directly reduces business liability risk which subsequently prevents claims against your commercial insurance policy. With Greater Vancouver being hit with rain, sleet, and snow (which no one is ever prepared for) and other forms of harsh weather you need to take steps to improve exterior visibility or face potential financial consequences.

4. Opens Up Other On-Site Commercial Opportunities

While fear factors (above) tend to factor into the immediacy of improving exterior and landscape lighting, there are also opportunities to consider. If your business provides a product/service to the public from a physical space exterior lighting can be leveraged to increase the amount of usable square footage when commercial permits, and weather, allow.

For example, an eatery can expand their outdoor dining area or illuminate the parking area to bring in their own food truck to account for patron overflow. Or, a commercial plaza can gather up its retailers for evening sidewalk sales and introduce an artisan market to bring in more foot traffic.

Also, with Light Owl’s event programming features and digital lighting controls with zoning, dimming, color temperature, and beam spread options you can host engaging on-site outdoor events to help increase business. The doors of possibility swing wide open when you install attractive and highly functional lighting to expand upon a commercial setting at night.

5. Increases Business Resale Value

If you own (vs lease) your commercial property, an investment in exterior/landscape lighting is one that will pay dividends should future resale be on the docket. Given that a premium installation affords the property all of the benefits addressed above, it can increase the property value accordingly. Of course, the capital cost of the investment is more directly included in the market value of the commercial space.

Plus, when you consider the fact that with Light Owl you get superior LED landscape lighting technology that will outlast the alternatives, the potential resale value is protected for many years to come.

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