Benefits of Landscape Lighting for Hotels and Resorts

Landscape Lights for hotels

You know the advantages of landscape lighting for residential properties and commercial spaces but there’s one arena that may benefit more than any other – the hospitality industry, namely hotels and resorts. With Greater Vancouver tourism on the rise and the influx of trade shows and conferences at an all-time high, accommodations are stepping up their game to attract guests from all corners of the country, continent, and world. One way to make your property a glowing beacon for all arrivals is to introduce modern landscape lighting. Here’s why.

Landscape Lighting for hotels and resorts
Landscape Lighting for hotels and resorts.

Top 5 Advantages of Premium Exterior and Landscape Lighting for Hotel and Resort Properties

1. Building Your Brand Starts Outside

Curb appeal is everything when it comes to showcasing your hotel or resort to the public. The first impression will shape a guest’s experience from the moment they arrive, and when they pull up in the evening or night, you need to go the extra mile to draw attention to the property’s aesthetic highlights. You also want to ensure lighting captures all corporate signs and logo installations to keep the hospitality brand in current and prospective guests’ peripheries at all times. Whether a boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver or a world-recognized name on an expansive Lower Mainland property, on-site branding begins with exterior lighting. 

2. Expands Revenue Possibilities by Creating a New Outdoor Venue

Weddings, conferences, trade shows, and other events are BIG business for hotels and resorts. It’s what keeps you profitable during seasonal and economic downturns in tourism. When exterior space allows, landscape lighting can open up a whole new and attractive event venue. Having lighting complement exterior heating and furniture ties a neat bow on the ultimate outdoor venue package.

3. Extend Outdoor Activity and Amenity Hours

Swimming pools, cabanas, tennis courts, on-site putting greens, outdoor yoga spaces, and more help draw interest in your property. But when these outside spaces have to close when the sun doesn’t shine, you cut guests off from the very activities and amenities that brought them to you in the first place. Many of them are out exploring the city during the day and return in the evening with nothing to do but to watch Netflix and chill in their rooms. They can do that at home! Instead, make your property more alluring through nearly all hours of the day. By introducing better lighting systems around the pool, cabanas, tennis courts, putting greens and so forth you will increase guest satisfaction, and more importantly – loyalty.

4. Creates a Real Sense of Safety and Security for Guests

Far too many large hotel and resort property exteriors feel like a ghost town well-passed sundown. Guests arriving from YVR or returning from dinner (etc.) late in the evening or night feel insecure unless they are dropped off right at the lobby door. In some cases, guests have more convenient access to their suite from a back road, but when not familiar with the city will feel very uneasy about the approach. By installing exterior lighting that considers all zones leading to and from the property, you will create a real sense of security for guests. Smart LED lighting systems can be both motion-activated and scheduled so that roads and pathways can be lit from the moment they put their foot forward until they arrive safely inside. And should thieves and criminals have any malicious ideas, strategic lighting installations will put a spotlight on them and scare them away.

Beyond concerns about crime, better lighting also reduces the risk of injury for guests who navigate the property in the evening and at night. They will be less likely to slip, trip, and/or fall no matter if an abandoned pool towel or fallen palm frond intends to obstruct their path. This safety improvement will effectively mitigate the risk of liability claims being made against the hotel.

Landscape Lighting for hotels and resorts.
Landscape Lighting for hotels and resorts.

5. Gaining a Competitive Edge in a Modern Market

Thanks to advances in technology hotels and resorts are facing unprecedented competition from the private vacation rental sector, which has been fostered by the success of Airbnb and other online service providers. When you consider all of the benefits afforded by smart landscape lighting, you can see how lighting technology can improve guest experience and keep you a step ahead of the competition.

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