Landscape Lighting For Holiday Season

Landscape Lighting for Christmas and Holiday Season in Vancouver BC

Landscape lighting for holiday season will make your home brighter year round. Learn benefits and why you should consider a different approach. The Holiday season is upon us, and many homeowners are looking to install an exterior lighting solution to coincide with this time of the year. We’re not talking about purely decorative landscape lighting mind you, the kind you find in a box at your local Canadian Tire. Instead, we’re referencing a permanent installation that you can enjoy and benefit from through all four seasons. The fact that you’re considering it in time for Christmas is icing on the cake. And if you’re a big fan of the Holidays (you did search this topic after all), you will enjoy a gift to yourself that keeps on giving with each November/December to come. Without further adieu, here’s why you should consider Light Owl Landscape Lighting for the Holidays and beyond.

Landscape Lighting For Holiday Season

1. Complement and Highlight Exterior Holiday Decor

Do you ever dream of being the best house on the block when it comes to Holiday season decor? Are you puzzled about how to pull off this competitive task without strewing an excessive number of tacky lights on the property? You can accomplish this by complementing tasteful exterior decor with a premium exterior lighting system. Through all four seasons, landscape lighting will highlight the best aesthetic features of your property’s exterior. During the Holidays, it can also be manipulated to focus on lawn decor (reindeer, sleigh, etc.) and more. Make your home stand out proud for the entire neighborhood to enjoy.

2. A Warm Welcome for Holiday Season Guests

If you plan on entertaining in this time of the year, then you want to make your home feel as welcoming as possible. Landscape lighting for holiday season will be that warm welcome to your guests.It starts with ramping up curb appeal, especially during the cold and dark nights of December. Make a glowing first impression on all guests, be they friends, family, coworkers, carolers, and even the in-laws.

3. Reduce the Seasonal Risk of Homeowners Liability

Black ice, sleet, and slush are unwelcome guests at this otherwise special time of the year. As mentioned above, you will be entertaining during the Holidays, and when you do you are inviting people on to your property. This creates a legal onus at a time of the year where your grounds are most dangerous. Remove grounds for liability claims to come from slip & falls by complementing rock salt with better lighting to illuminate the asphalt. In addition, with lawn decorations and Christmas lights lining every outdoor nook of the property, you have unintentionally created an obstacle course to trip-up all who walk pass your front gate. By providing better lighting you will help guests spot and avoid hazard zones.

4. Keeps Your Property Safe When Away for the Holidays

Some of you will be heading out of town during some or all of the Holiday break. Given that the Holidays coincide with the shortest day(s) (Dec 21) of the year, you have cause for concern when it comes to burglars in the area. They know that a lot of people won’t be home for the Holidays, and unless you leave a resourceful Kevin McCallister behind, you need all the help to keep them at bay. With a Holiday season, you can schedule your lights to turn off and on in the evening and at night, and control them in real-time from your smartphone or tablet to give the appearance that someone is always home.

5. Helps Santa Find Your Home … and Chimney

Whether or not you still believe in St.Nick is beside the point. Do you really want to take the chance that he’ll bypass your house on Christmas eve? If so, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do when the kids wake up in the AM. Make sure that their visions of sugar plums are realized by lighting the way for Santa and his sleigh, especially on the roof where the Chimney awaits.

It’s never too early to prepare for the Holidays, so don’t wait another day to get an estimate on all-season landscape lighting for your Greater Vancouver property. Call Light Owl at 778.222.1695 or complete the form found here.