How To Maintain A Landscape Lighting System

Landscape lighting maintenance

Keeping your landscape lighting system working flawlessly year-round is a task that requires regular TLC and maintenance. We’ll discuss how to maintain a landscape lighting system to ensure the longevity of the outdoor low-voltage lighting fixtures and materials used by Light Owl that are incredibly durable but, having the equipment exposed to the elements can pose challenges to any bulletproof system available on the market today. Let’s dive into some common maintenance issues to look out for.

5 Tips For Maintain Your Landscape Lighting System

How To Maintain A Landscape Lighting System

1. Keep plant growth 

Plant growth is an important factor to be considered when creating a lighting plan but, it is often forgotten about when you first get your outdoor lights installed. Plant growth can block the light and the pre-programmed lighting effects of your lighting professionals. Make sure you have a landscape maintenance plan (pruning schedule) to keep your backyard looking flawless year-round, and make sure your maintenance crew is informed of where fixtures and wiring are installed. It is recommended to have a landscape lighting maintenance following the work of the landscapers. 

Learn more about the maintenance service by Light Owl.

2. Remove dirt and debris 

It’s straightforward and needs to be done regularly. We can’t avoid dirt, leaves, debris, insects, from sitting on your fixture lenses. But these things can dramatically reduce the brilliance of your lights. The fixtures need cleaning to eliminate the loss of light output. If the fixture is showing moisture and dirt inside it may be a sign that the gasket is not working and needs a replacement.

3. Watch out for exposed wires

Over time electrical wires may get exposed due to high traffic areas, animals, rain, and other weather-related conditions. Even though outdoor cables are UV protected, they are required to be buried at all times to avoid damage. It’s essential to verify if the wire is in good shape to be hidden, in case they’ve been exposed for a while. A lighting professional will be able to assess the condition of the cable and rebury it for safety.

4. Look for any signs of damage

During the holiday break, some of you will be heading out of town. Given that the Holidays coincide with the shortest day(s) (Dec 21) of the If your fixtures look dim, do not come on, or if there are signs of corrosion, you should contact a lighting professional. Maybe light bulbs need to be replaced, which is a common problem with old systems, not LEDs. Otherwise, you’ll probably need a full assessment to figure out what the real issues are and what fixtures may be worth keeping or replacing.

5. Reposition and readjust

Often fixtures get kicked, stepped on, or hit by mowing machines. Dogs, kids, and other people servicing the backyard may not notice them and move them out of position accidentally. The maintenance time is an excellent opportunity to reposition and redirect the light to best aim at the trees that have grown to adjust to the changes in the landscape.

Don’t have time to keep up with your system needs?

You can avoid expensive repairs and problems with your outdoor lighting system by adopting regular maintenance. Light Owl offers maintenance packages in the Greater Vancouver area that will free your mind from worries about your outdoor lighting system. New and existing clients can take advantage of a pre-scheduled annual service. If your current system needs an assessment from a lighting professional, contact us.