Best materials for your landscape lighting fixtures

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Best materials for your landscape lighting fixtures are the ones that withstand the elements the best but there are a few details you need to learn about. Because landscape lighting is one of the easiest ways to enhance your outdoor space; it should make on your priority list. Fortunately, the lighting options are numerous, it is possible to select the most suitable one for your home and budget. 

The first step when considering landscape lighting installation is the selection of fixtures made from the best materials. Choosing the right material is critical to ensure that it can withstand natural elements all day and night. Although there are many materials to choose from, several have become popular because of their unique features. 

Here are some of the top materials to consider when looking for landscape lighting fixtures:

Best materials for landscape lighting fixtures


Brass is one of the most common materials used in the construction of outdoor lighting fixtures. It is the perfect choice for landscape lighting, especially if it is solid brass that lasts long in various environments. 

Brass fixtures are available in multiple styles. Homeowners a chance to pick the one that appeals to them most. 

However, the material in its most excellent form is a bit costly and will require you to dig deeper into your pocket at the initial stage. Most times, brass fixtures blend well with the outdoors, the least noticeable option, making it a popular choice among designers and homeowners. 


Homeowners on a budget can still have light fixtures installed across their landscape without having to break the bank. Plastic lighting fixtures built from a combination of several plastics are available at most stores that sell home improvement items such as Home Depot, Rona, and Canadian Tire. 

It is advisable to have the installation done using high-quality cable, connectors, and transformer for it to work well. The material may not be popular among homeowners looking for a long term solution and due to its environmental impact, but can still serve for a few years before it needs replacement.


Aluminum is a popular choice when looking for Outdoor Lighting options. The material is common for fixtures in homes because of its affordability and availability. Many lighting professionals recommend using high-quality powder-coated aluminum for outdoor lighting fixtures. It minimizes oxidation when it comes into contact with moisture. In most cases, the aluminum receives a coat of high-quality powder that is UV stable. That ensures a much longer life-span for the fixtures outdoors. It is advisable to work with professionals that have experience with landscape lighting to guarantee a satisfactory outcome. 


Machined copper is an excellent choice for landscape lighting in many residential homes within Vancouver. The material is naturally appealing and is used to design various types of fixtures to complement the home. Copper oxidizes like aluminum, the result is elegant and adds to the beauty of the outdoor lighting fixtures without damaging the metal. To ensure copper fixtures last longer, reduce their contact with ammonia, and ensure the material used is of the highest quality. 

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