Founded by experienced outdoor designers Jason and Isabella Blue, Light Owl’s objective is to merge the natural environment with lighting elements to produce stunning results.
Jason Blue

Jason Blue
CEO / Founder

Jason started Light Owl with his wife and business partner in 2019. The idea was born from a previous franchise business that they owned and successfully operated together. Witnessing the joy a homeowner experiences throughout the transformation process is what defines success. Lighting is something that people can’t get enough of, a well lit space defines the atmosphere and can make any environment feel magical.

Isabella Blue

Isabella Blue
Marketing Director / Co-founder

Isabella is a landscape lighting designer and marketing director at Light Owl who brings leadership in the area of creative direction for every project she works on. She believes light not only plays with the visual appearance of the home but it also has an emotional impact on people. Her true passion is to give clients the ability to experience their home in a more beautiful and enjoyable way. 

Matthew Milbers
Operations Manager

Matthew Milbers is one of Light Owl’s friendly and experienced Operations Managers. He works day and night to be sure that your lighting system is installed properly and working perfectly. Matthew prides himself on his attention to detail and his ability to do the job always in the best way possible. He doesn’t take shortcuts and lives by the philosophy that doing it right, even if it takes longer, is always better than doing it fast.

Our mission

Light Owl exists to bring magic to the world. Using professional landscape lighting
techniques and high-quality fixtures to enhance the beauty and safety of our client’s properties.

Our core values