Frequently Asked Questions

Is Light Owl a full-service company?

Yes. Our service includes the design, material selection and installation.

How can I choose the fixtures for my project?

The design is primarily focused on the effect of the fixtures, not the fixtures themselves. We’ll pick the fixtures based on the necessary lumens, beam angles and application to achieve the most desirable result. We’ll give you options for the most visible fixtures, such as path lights to pick from in case you are not satisfied with the ones suggested on the design plan.

How long will it take to have our lighting system installed?

We typically will book your installation date 3-4 weeks from the date a deposit is received.

How secure is shopping in the online client's portal? Is my data protected?

Our Security Service is comprised of a suite of SaaS based digital trust and Security products which assist Users with account security and the prediction and prevention of fraudulent activity through the use of the machine learning platform. The Security Services are currently provided by Sift Science, Inc.

What exactly happens after the installation, what if I don't like something?

We offer a night review to walk the property with you to discuss each light placement and effect. We’ll make all necessary adjustments to ensure you are happy with the final result.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Once your design and quote is approved you’ll be able to pay your deposit online. After the job is done you’ll receive your final balance and invoice for your records. You’ll always have access to your client portal to view the status of you account and download your invoice.

What is the warranty on products and installation?

One year warranty on materials and labour.

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