Project Description

Project Description

This beautiful lakefront property disappeared into the darkness of night. Some well placed up and down lights brought attention to the palms at the back of the property and created a stunning view from inside after dark.

Lighting Approach / Techniques

Delta, BC is well-known for its incredible ocean front views, parks and network of trails. Beautiful by day. This lighting project features what we can do with the Next Generation Colour FX digital lighting controls. This leading edge technology provided us with the ability to set unique colour temperatures, zoning and beam spread options.

Here’s a list of cool techniques we used to produce this elegant result:

  • Wall Wash Lighting for the building
  • Cross Lighting for trees
  • Accent uplighting for the garden
  • Silhouette Lighting for bushes and shrubs
  • Astrological/GPS ┬átimer
  • Wifi and app control