Project Description

Project Description

This house in West Vancouver has a beautiful landscape but it became impossible to see once the sun went down. Light Owl brought it to life at night with different tree and landscape lighting. Tree wrapping the palms at the back of the property and placing net lights on the front umbrella trees created a stunning view from inside at night.

Lighting Approach / Techniques

Trees add a unique lighting opportunity to properties. This home on the North Shore of Vancouver was the ideal canvas to add tree wrapping to all of the beautiful tall palms in the backyard. The front boasted 9 gorgeous umbrella trees and using net lights we were able to give them a glow that can be appreciated year-round. Filling in the spaces with strategically placed landscape lighting completed the effect and gave this home a stunning result.

Here’s a list of techniques we used to produce this elegant result:

  • Landscape lighting around the property
  • Palm tree wrapping up the trunks
  • Accent uplighting at the top of the palms
  • Net lighting on umbrella trees
  • Automation system