Landscape Lighting Repair and Maintenance

Your landscape lighting system lives outside and as anything exposed to the elements it will require regular maintenance.

There are many reasons to why we strongly recommend one to two maintenances a year to all our clients. Your wires may be exposed, fixtures kicked out of place, new bulbs must be needed or fixtures may need to be repositioned due to the plant growth.

Not to mention the light output of your entire system may be down to about 20%-50% because all your light fixtures lenses are dirty! Also, landscapers and animals will mess up with your landscape wires from time to time and they’ll need to be buried to avoid any liabilities or damage to your lighting system.

Light Owl provides maintenance and repair services that will free your mind from the hassle and have your system looking like the first day of install!


“With regular maintenance you are protecting your investment. The maintenance plays a big role in the longevity of a landscape lighting system and the conservation of its best performance.”

-Jason Blue

Our services include repairs for:

  • Cut and frayed wires
  • Bad, wet, corroded, or otherwise damaged sockets
  • Failed wire connections
  • Instances where the system has been water damaged
  • Instances where wires are being compromised by tree roots, bushes or other materials

With every visit we’ll access your needs and do proper maintenance on:

  • Exposed wires
  • Dirty lenses 
  • Fixtures repositioning due to plant growth

Get more life out of your landscape lighting system and keep your lights shining bright for years to come! Book your maintenance appointment online!