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How We Work

When it comes to landscape lighting, the design is what counts. How light reacts, reflects, bounces and shines matters. Our professional team of lighting experts know how to direct and manipulate light using advanced techniques to create stunning results. Here’s our 4 step design process


Invite us over for an in-yard consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to let us know your lighting ideas and needs. We’ll take photos of your property and prepare a brilliant design concept.


A lighting plan that suits your property. Our team presents you with a design concept and the suggested outdoor lighting fixtures that are most suitable for your space.


Our professional install team will arrive and execute the designed plan. Qualified and polite, you will hardly notice us. Typical installs are completed in 2-3 days.


This phase includes a night visit for system and fixture tweaking. We teach you how to control the settings from your handheld device and voila, that’s it!

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Next Generation Lighting

We Love Warm White

Experience the warm glow of a low voltage lighting system. High quality fixtures and finish options deliver architectural beauty for any home style, while adding essential light around walkways, entryways, patios and more for a durable and elegant result.


  • Warm-white 2700K temperature
  • Astrological timer or photocell on/off technology
  • Wifi and app control
  • Brass or aluminium fixtures

Next Generation Colour FX

When you choose Light Owl, you get more than timeless design and high-quality materials – you get the very latest LED landscape lighting technology and digital lighting controls with zoning, dimming, color temperature, and beam spread options.


  • Integrated LEDs
  • Zoning, Dimming and Color
  • Event programming
  • Astrological/GPS timer
  • Control 4 integration
  • Wifi and app control
  • Stainless steel, brass, copper, or aluminium fixtures
Outdoor Lighting Services Vancouver
Outdoor Lighting Services Vancouver

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